Don’t Click This Link!

Hah, caught you! Now you must suffer through my interests and weird sense of humor.

Chronic procrastinator and self-taught writer, artist, and jewelry designer. While this blog thing covers writing and my dark, twisted imagination, I might sneak in some of my other interests from time to time.

Reader and gamer, though the latter often overshadows the former – particularly when the game world sucks me into its sparkling black hole and I emerge weeks later, pale and trembling and wondering why a year has passed and no one has bothered to tell me.

So you probably have guessed by now that Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction are what I can never stop reading, watching, and playing. And if someone isn’t being possessed, abducted, or chased after with a chainsaw, then my interest wanes.

And lastly, read at your own risk. My opinion likes to bite anyone that gets close, and is bound to piss someone off once in a while. I’ve tried a leash and a muzzle, but she gnawed through both. I’ve given up trying to reign her in, so now she runs wild and pisses on everything.



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