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Back on the Saddle of my Fickle Pony

So after I gave myself an asthma attack blowing off the dust from this blog, there was a moment of clarity (during copious nose-blowing, of course) about why I have been so damn neglectful. Writing is hard. Yes, it’s hard. … Continue reading

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Commentary on Shadowed Fate, Chapter 4: Dreary Party, Indeed

For those curious and wish to pick my brain, I’m going to divulge some of my creative processes and reasons for the unusual character directions I took with the Outsider and Corvo. Blandcorp mentioned that much of the chapter is … Continue reading

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Adverbs aren’t evil…really, they aren’t

So adverbs. I won’t quote writing books here, or give super detailed advice. These are my personal observations of writing NO ADVERBS EVER to “eh, one or two won’t hurt me”. Every writer has a love/hate relationship with them. Some … Continue reading

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Shadowed Fate: Chapter 2 Commentary

I want to begin by saying these commentaries are more for those readers who are curious about the nuts and bolts of my writing process, or are curious about my directions with plot. I’m being kinda nerdy when I write … Continue reading

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Shadowed Fate: Chapter One Commentary

Not sure what made me play Dishonored first…I had bought two games: Dishonored GOTY edition, and the same edition in Tomb Raider. I think the darker world and the lure of something new (since I’d played Tomb Raider when it … Continue reading

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Shadowed Fate: Character commentary: Corvo Attano

*Edit 6/20/14: Some of this info has been altered or has evolved. Sometimes a story may take a different direction than intended, or a character will suddenly make different choices and have different motivations. But rather than change this entry … Continue reading

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Psychic Distance Exercise

Reference Post. Anyone can link  or bookmark. This exercise is to illustrate deep POV in an action setting with two male characters, and to accept the challenge presented by this book: Writing Character: Bringing your story to life, by William … Continue reading

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Dialogue Woes: a wordy journey

Dialogue is the ball and chain that swings around in my prose, smashing my pretty descriptions all to bits. Even if a character says two lines, there’s at least twenty versions of those lines, and all somehow not “real” enough … Continue reading

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How to Balance Writing Rules with Common Sense

Learning creative writing is a daunting endeavor. There’s this huge gray abyss filled with what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos that new and experienced writers find themselves diving into with no clue how to climb back out. I tumbled in a few years … Continue reading

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