My Odd Writing Style

It’s…different. It’s like Stephen King, Piers Anthony, and Patricia McKillip had a baby and then tossed her on the side of the road where she wandered for years trying to figure out what kind of style to choose. Unable to make a decision, she combined all of them and then added a little flair of her own.

The end creation is a strange animal: a little abstract, a little poetic, a little fragmented, and a little verbose. It hides in caves most of the time contemplating its paradoxical nature, but when it decides to terrorize the countryside, it dazzles some and confuses others.

The POV’s tend to be third person, and deep. Heavy emphasis on showing rather than telling. Surreal imagery, complex characters that you’ll want to slap half the time, and plots that grow to epic size so fast they crush everything under their fat asses.

Fanfiction is the focus right now – and for naysayers that claim I’m wasting my time – every story is practice. And practice makes perfect. And perfect makes…more perfect. Yeah, anyway, games tend to be my sandboxes to ruin, but I have targeted movies occasionally – Prometheus being my most recent victim.

I have caught and interrogated several original characters – most I put to work in my fanfiction minefields to see how they perform. If they survive, they are imprisoned in new worlds, bizarre, chaotic places that are constantly changing according to my whims. Many elements of those worlds are also thrown into my fanfiction and tested for plausibility.

If they pass, they’re used. If not, well, they’re eaten by my pack of rabid plot bunnies.

Plot bunnies. Scary little things.


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